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Commercial Property

Commercial Property

When you have a vast commercial property to sell, it can be difficult finding a way of conveying its scale to prospective buyers. We have experience photographing a range of commercial properties using drone technology, from retail parks to offices to industrial units.

Drones can get above the action and enjoy a totally uninterrupted view of the surrounding landscape. From the viewpoint of a drone, you can easily show your clients everything that the properties in your portfolio have to offer.

Our drones utilise the latest in aerial photography technology to deliver impressive specifications at an affordable price. Our still drone-mounted cameras are capable of capturing images at 20 megapixels or 4K Ultra-HD, guaranteeing to show your property in the best light possible. If you find the satellite images available through Google Earth to be impressive then the much more detailed images available using our drones will blow you away.

Not only can we get one of our drones up to 400ft in the air overlooking your property, but we also employ our own dedicated editors who make sure that the final images and videos for your property are up to scratch. We provide these services in addition to supplying clients with the original unedited files for their use in promotional and marketing campaigns.

If you are relying on ground-based photography to show off a property, you are severely limited in terms of the vantage points that you can choose from. Even if a commercial property has a structure within it that provides a suitable vantage point, it is rarely possible to capture the entire complex in a single shot. On the other hand, when you can simply fly your drone overhead, photographing commercial properties in their entirety becomes much simpler.

When you are showing off a commercial property, you want to include as much of the surrounding area and facilities as possible. For example, if there are car parks, residential areas, green spaces, or anything else of interest in the area surrounding your commercial properties, then it is worth highlighting them to prospective buyers.

Drone photography makes it much easier to ensure that you get the angles that you need and that no detail is left out of your photos. Not only this, but you can also impress buyers and sellers alike by including high-quality aerial photography and videos. With this media on your side, you will have no trouble presenting an accurate picture of your properties to potential buyers.

In addition, for anyone looking to sell a property, high-quality aerial photography makes their entire portfolio look more professional. These kinds of services were once well out of reach for the majority of estate agents. Drones might still seem like science fiction to some people, but they are more common now. You don’t need a significant budget in order to access drone-based aerial photography for your property. 

Contact us today to discuss your aerial photography needs and how we can help. With the benefit of our drones, you can easily show off your property from every conceivable angle.


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