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Residential Property

Residential Property

An aerial photograph enables you to show off the true scale of structures, landscapes, and other features on or near a property. There are some things that just cannot be captured from ground level and trying to do so ends with an underwhelming gallery of photos that do not showcase your project as effectively as they could.
With aerial photography, you don’t have to worry about missing that critical angle. Since a drone is highly maneuverable, I can provide a bird’s eye view from any vantage point you need. This ensures that your property looks its best and stands out from the rest.
Aerial photography comes highly recommended when buying or selling properties and many clients now expect their estate agents to have aerial photographs as part of their listing. For buyers, aerial photographs enable them to inspect the property from vantage points that can’t be appreciated from the ground. Being able to see every inch of the property provides peace of mind that there are no nasty surprises waiting.
Aside from using aerials to advertise, many property owners enjoy the added benefits of aerial footage in creating a ‘keepsake’ of their homes. This can take the form of a printed aerial shot or a short film capturing their house from every angel.
I am able to offer a range of services such as still footage of your property from above or edited videos with still or motion pictures. I can incorporate your corporate logo or image and add music or sound effects to maximise the impact.
Please get in contact for more information or to give me some details on what you are hoping to achieve.


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