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Site Inspections

Site Inspections

Another aspect of my drone work is conducting site inspections. Site inspections take place regularly on a construction site and there are a multitude of reasons to carry one out. From conducting health and safety checks to monitoring compliance and progress, site inspections are an important part of the construction process.

Verify Compliance


A thorough site inspection is an important part of compliance verification. Regardless of what side of the table you are sat on, once a contract for a construction project has been signed, you want to be sure that the other signatories are going to hold up their ends. This is why many construction businesses and their clients will hire site inspectors as part of larger consultant teams. These compliance inspectors can then visit the site on a regular basis to ensure that everything is being done correctly.

Depending on the nature of the construction site, this can be a time-consuming and involved process. Covering the costs of both time and expertise can quickly get expensive. By taking advantage of aerial site inspections using drones, you can reduce your costs while also verifying compliance much more efficiently.

Monitor Progress


Conducting a flyover of your construction site every evening lets you see how things are progressing at a glance. Even on larger sites, this is an easy and relatively fast way of assessing the situation. By contrast, monitoring progress by having someone manually walk the site and physically inspect things is a time-consuming approach. Because of this, many businesses will simply opt to conduct monitoring less frequently. Drone photography therefore makes this achievable and will give you a complete overview of the site, enabling you to act immediately if things fall behind schedule.

Health and Safety


Part of the purpose of site inspections is to ensure that all construction workers are complying with the relevant health and safety regulations. Both workers and their employers have a variety of legal obligations that are designed to ensure the site remains as safe a working environment as possible.

Before construction has even begun, using drones to conduct a site inspection will enable you to quickly identify any potential hazards and come up with a plan for working that ensures the safety of everyone on the site. Drones are especially well-suited for this task because they enable you to easily capture photos and videos of potential hazards. Your workers will benefit from being able to see exactly what they are up against beforehand and there is no risk to anyone in obtaining the footage.

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